Athenspets works to enhance the lives of the animals while they are at Athens-Clarke County Animal Control, provide medical care beyond that provided through county funds, assist rescue groups in helping our animals, and cover the cost of spaying or neutering community pets otherwise at high risk of adding to pet overpopulation in the Athens area. For this, we rely on private donations. We are a 501(c)(3) organization; donations are tax exempt as allowed by law.

We solicit cash donations to our funds, donation of supplies, sponsorship pledges, and participation in rewards programs.


The Athenspets Medical Fund helps with the extraordinary medical costs of the animals impounded at Athens-Clarke County Animal Services and for care for animals that are part of the Community Interventions program or that need follow-up care after a spay/neuter surgery funded by Athenspets. In addition, to the extent funds are available, we provide interest free loans for one-time medical needs of owned animals, working with the owners on a repayment schedule. Treating these animals not only relieves their suffering but reduces shelter overcrowding by keeping pets in good even if financially-constrained, homes.


Donations to the Athenspets Spay/Neuter Fund are used to alter owned and community animals in the Athens (GA) area to prevent pet overproduction. their chances of adoption or rescue. For this, we work with shelter staff to identify communities in the Athens area that have a high risk of producing unintended litters and provide funding for spay and neuter surgeries for pets from these areas with contributions to this fund. Our goal for this community outreach program is to reduce the future population of shelter pets in Athens-Clarke County.


Donations to the Athenspets General Fund may be used to supplement the Medical Fund or Spay/Neuter Fund as needed, as well as purchase needed supplies for the animals at the shelter such as kitten food, Kuranda beds, and collars. General Fund donations may also be used to facilitate the rescue of shelter animals by providing sponsorship or helping with the cost of short-term boarding and transportation to out-of-area rescues. A donation to this fund allows Athenspets flexibility in deciding on the best use of the contributed funds.