Viewing the dogs at Athens-Clarke County Animal Services

Athens-Clarke County Animal Services now advertises the shelter animals! To find a lost dog or a new friend, go to their online listing of dogs or call the shelter at 706-613-3540.

Lost dogs

Please call the shelter at 706-613-3540 to file a lost dog report and arrange a time to come by the shelter to see if your dog is there.

We recommend visiting the shelter at least once every five days; the stray hold period is five days, not including the day the dog is impounded or any days the shelter is closed to the public (holidays and other times designated by the Animal Services Director). After that time, your dog legally belongs to the county and can be adopted out, rescued, or euthanized.

By county ordinance, intact dogs and cats must be altered at the owner’s expense upon the second reclaim from the shelter. Athenspets offers free spay/neuter surgeries upon the first reclaim.

Found dogs

Please call the shelter at 706-613-3540 to file a found dog report and schedule a time to bring the stray animal in. Please note that there is no way to legally rehome a stray dog (or keep a stray dog as yours) in Athens-Clarke County without the dog being impounded at the shelter and waiting out his or her stray hold period (5 days, not including the day of impound or any day the shelter is closed to the public). In some cases, you can apply to foster the animal; check with staff for details.

If you think you want to keep the animal you found if not reclaimed, submit an adoption application at the time of bringing him or her to the shelter.

Thank you for helping keep a lost pet safe!