54684 – Tripp

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Rescue Only – Special Needs – Blind
8 months
28 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 12/5
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Update 1/8: Tripp participated in Couch Crashers for a few days, and here’s what his overnight foster had to say: Tripp is a sweet loving and fun pup. Tripp is pretty much house trained. Working on the leash skills, is doing so good. He is treat motivated so that helps. He does have a vision problem not sure how much he can see but he still plays just fine.

Update 12/12: Tripp is like any other pup, full of joy and wanting to be loved, but he’s also different. He’s blind. He plays, running in his own unique way, and eats up all the lovin’ you can give him. He depends on other senses like coming to you when he hears your voice and finding treats by smell. Since he’s blind, Tripp is only available to rescues. He’s a happy boy who responds to love and pets. I hope a rescue saves him and gives him a chance to know a loving family and continue sharing his joy.

Tripp never meets a stranger. He’s a happy, friendly pup with lots of love to share. He greeted me right away with tail wags, smiles, and hugs. He’s adorable! My pictures don’t do Tripp justice, but I had to take them inside. He may have some neurological issues, and the staff were waiting for his test results before letting him go out to play in an interaction pen (he does go out for potty breaks on a leash). Still, Tripp was having a great time in the office with lots of friends to give him attention and pets. He’s a super sweet pup. At this time, Tripp is only available to rescues. I’ve known and loved some other dogs with neurological concerns. One is with a wonderful rescue, and the other was recently adopted and having the best life ever. I hope Tripp finds his forever family, too!

If you are interested in rescuing Tripp, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.

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