54465 – Cheeks

5 Years Male DSH FIV+ / FeLV- Available as of 10/28/2020 Rescued!

Why choose me?

Update 10/29: To make arrangements to meet Cheeks for foster, adoption or rescue, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540. Note that Cheeks is FIV+.

Poor Cheeks has lived a rough life out there on the streets. And unfortunately, he’s not the happiest camper here at the shelter… which is totally understandable since he’s certainly not used to being confined in a shelter kennel. Even though he may look like a tough guy, Cheeks is actually very meek and is simply afraid of being at the shelter, tending to hide under his bed. Shelter staff has spent the time to determine that Cheeks is a gentle giant, who just needs some TLC. A loving home will do wonders for this special fellow.

Cheeks has tested positive for FIV, but this isn’t really a big deal at all. It just means that he has a weaker immune system than FIV-negative cats, so he needs to live in an indoor-only home, where he can live a happy, normal length of life. FIV is only transmitted via birth mother, or a deep bite wound from another FIV+ cat, and cannot be passed to humans or other animals other than cats. To learn more about adopting an FIV+ cat, click here.