54461 – Mini

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Rescue or Foster-to-Adopt Only – Medical Case Heartworms 🙁
4 years Female 42 pounds Heartworm positive 🙁 Available as of 11/1 Click here to sponsor
Why choose me? Mini is an absolute doll. She’s super sweet, calm, and likes to please. Once she saw me as a friend, Mini would come when called, sit on command, and hop up on the picnic table to join me. Then, when she learned that she liked the treats I had, she’d hold out her paw to politely ask for more. Mini chased a few toys, but her favorite thing to do was to sit with me. This gentle girl’s ways stole my heart. Unfortunately, Mini has tested positive for heartworms and is only available to rescues or a foster to adopt. While Athenspets & ACCAS will help with the cost of treatment, a rescue should be prepared for some added expense and the exercise restrictions of treatment. To learn more about preventing and treating heartworms, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s website.

If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or rescuing Mini, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.

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