54337 – Weezy

4 years
64 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 10/10
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Why choose me?

Weezy is a big boy who surprised me with his gentle ways. He walked nicely on a leash and then calmly moseyed around the interaction pen. He saw the pair of ducks in a pen nearby and watched them with curiosity but never barked. I’d pet him, and he’d happily wag his tail. Then I threw a stuffed toy and saw Weezy’s playfulness kick in. He loved chasing them and tossing them in the air to catch or run with around the pen. He had a blast, and when he’d played enough, Weezy went right back to calmly walking about, enjoying pets, and watching the ducks. He’s a sweetie!

If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or rescuing Weezy, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.