54280 – Tortellini

3-4 Months
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/27/2020
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Update 9/29: Tortellini, the tortoiseshell kitten, is currently around 3-4 months old. To make arrangements to meet her for foster, adoption or rescue, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540.

Cute little Tortellini came to the shelter as a stray. I took her photos just a day after she had arrived at the shelter, which explains why she has a rather serious expression on her face… as the shelter was a new, strange place for her. The great thing is that Tortellini has warmed up and is indeed very happy to be out of the rainy weather and dangerous streets. This little kitten will make a wonderful house cat for most anyone. Won’t you consider adopting Tortellini, the tortoiseshell kitten?