54209 – Jet

1 year
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/22
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Update 10/12: Jet is now ready for adoption as well as rescue! He’s ready to meet new friends and is hoping a special one will take him home!

Update 10/2: Jet is coming along! He easily walked with me to an interaction pen, ignoring the barking from the kennels and welcoming pets and attention from me. He’s a handsome dog with his dark chocolate coat and cute ears. Jet is a sweetie, and I bet he’ll thrive in a loving home. Hopefully, he’ll be available for adoption soon!

Today was the first day that Jet was ready to leave his kennel. He’s been too frightened to play in an interaction pen, but he was feeling braver and definitely loved being outside with a caretaker who’s been working to help him feel safe. He gave her tail wags and kisses and enjoyed having her scratch his ears and back. Jet is a cute little fellow who likes treats and knows how to sit for them. He’d even sit and take treats from me. Until he feels more comfortable at the pound, Jet is only available to rescues, but from what I saw, he’s making good progress!

If you are interested in rescuing Jet, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.