54183, 54184, 54186, 54187 – Hermione, Ginny, Weasley, & Hagrid

Born Approx. 7/15
Females (54183, 54184) & Males (54186-54187)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 2 LBS of weight

Why choose me?

Update 10/14: Hermione and Ginny are adopted! Weasley and Hagrid are still looking for a home!

Update 10/9: Unfortunately, Harry and Snape passed away. Their siblings are doing well and available for adoption.

Update 9/23: These 6 little kittens are currently just over 2 months old. To make arrangements to meet them for foster, adoption or rescue, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540. Note – individual kittens from this group become available for adoption once they have grown big enough (>2LBS).

There are two girls and four boys. Hermione is the calico girl, and sister Ginny is a brown tabby on white. As for the four boys: Harry, Weasley and Snape are all brown tabbies with some white, while Hagrid is a brown/black tabby (no white). Each kitten has his/her own personality, but they are all social, playful, loving and curious. You can adopt them individually or in groups, but don’t forget that kittens learn their adult cat social skills by being with other kittens – so make sure to adopt at least a pair. That way, they will always have a playmate at hand and never be lonely while you are busy or away!