54157 – Stranger

6 months Male 22 pounds Heartworm status n/a Available as of 9/10 Click here to sponsor
Why choose me? Stranger is adorable and made me laugh as he’d race about the interaction pen and then run to me and roll over for a belly rub. When I first met him, he was a little shy, and a “Stranger Danger” alert went off. He hid beneath the picnic table, so I sat on the bench, and the next thing I knew, he’d hopped up to the top of the table and was rolling over on his back. I rubbed his belly, and he knew I was a friend. So cute! I carried Stranger to a grassy interaction pen, but he later showed me that he knows about walking on a leash. He also loves treats and is learning that sitting helps earn them. Stranger is a sweet, energetic pup. If he’s a little shy when you meet him, just give him a minute, and he’ll be rolling over for a belly rub greeting! If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or rescuing Stranger, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.