54074 – Molly

Rescue Only
10 months Female – spayed! 23 pounds Heartworm status n/a Available as of 9/8 Click here to sponsor

Why choose me?

Molly is a beautiful pup with a lot of happy energy. She loved zooming around the pen and then running to a supervisor and officer for love and pets. She’d take treats from me, but we’d just met and Molly needs a little time to get to know new people. She does very well with men but can be unsure of women, so she’s only available to rescues at this time. Moreover, while she was great with the dogs her size and larger in her prior home, she does seem to have a prey drive so she should not be with cats or smaller dogs. Molly knows commands, and her former owners said she is house trained. She just needs a rescue who can help her feel safe with new people. At 10 months, she’s still a pup and can learn. Hopefully a rescue will save Molly and give this sweet, vibrant girl a chance!

If you are interested in rescuing Molly, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.