54038 – Buzz

2 years
Male – neutered!
50 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 8/23
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Update 10/12: Buzz doesn’t always show well in his kennel, but when he’s outside in an interaction pen, he loves being with people and having fun. He had the best time chasing toys today and wore himself out. He’d also sit for treats and was good about following my directions like waiting for me to throw his toy and hopping up on the picnic table for his treats. Buzz is a strong dog, but he’s a good boy and fun buddy!

This handsome goober is Buzz. Like his namesake Buzz Lightyear, our Buzz is a dynamic fellow who rises to every technical challenge, like opening doors and gates–he’s a real problem-solver! As a result, he spends morning cleaning time in the officers’ office, soaking up love and attention–he’s figured out how to get the attention he wants. Buzz will be a loyal friend to whomever adopts him!

To learn more about Buzz or to meet him, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540.