53987, 53988, 53989, 53990 – Kairi, London, Asuka & Kendrick

Born approx 6/20
Females (53987, 53989) & Males (53988, 53990)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 8/20/2020
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Update 9/14: Kenrick has been adopted and Kairi has a foster-to-adopt. London and Asuka are still available for adoption. They are now around 3 months old. London (Ledger #53988) is a boy, who has black fur, and Asuka (Ledger#53989) is a calico girl.

Update 8/25: These 4 kitten siblings are currently around 2 months old. To make arrangements to meet them for foster, adoption or rescue, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540.

Cute kitten alert! This litter of four came to the shelter as newborns, back in June. They are finally now old enough to be adopted! Kairi (Ledger #53987 female) and brother London (Ledger #53988 male) have black fur. Asuka (Ledger#53989 female) is a calico kitten, and Kendrick (Ledger #53990 male) is wearing a black and white tuxedo. They are such fun to watch, as each kitten has his/her own personality. They can be adopted individually, altogether, or in groups. It’s hard to choose, but you can come meet all 4 by calling the shelter today!