53953 – Tina

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2 years Female – spayed! 48 pounds Heartworm negative! Rescued!
Why choose me? Update 1/4: I had a fun morning with Tina. She’s a sweet, obedient dog who chased a few tennis balls but mostly just wanted to sit with me and enjoy treats. Every now and then, she’d zoom around the pen to get some energy out but then return to relax with me. Tina is a good girl who has just the right mix of playfulness and chill! Update 9/20: Hello world! My name is Tina and today was the best day! It started out like any other day in my kennel at Athens-Clarke County Animal Services when all of a sudden this girl stopped at my cage with a leash in her hand. Oh boy, oh boy I was so excited! Not only did she take me out of my kennel, but then we went on a car ride with the windows down that took us to Sandy Creek Park and y’all won’t believe this…I had my own giant dog park all to myself!!!! Well, it was supposed to be all to myself but while my human friend and I were on the opposite end of our reserved park, some people and their three dogs sneaked in there with us before we realized it. I have to confess, I’ve heard humans say I don’t show very well at the shelter. It is such a loud and unfamiliar place that I have to bark to make myself heard over everybody else. And I’m tired of being cooped up in my concrete kennel and hearing the noises from all the other dogs all day and night, so I kind of appear grumpy sometimes at the shelter around other dogs. But let me tell you, the 4 minutes that those other three dogs were in our doggy park, I did not show one hint of aggression. None at all! I was super happy to have friends to play with and was a very healthy kind of curious about my new park mates. Even though I noticed the dogs and their people were pretty frantic like they were trying to run away from me, I kept calm and enjoyed shaking hands, doggy style. 😝 When those other people and their dogs decided to leave because they weren’t supposed to be there, my human friend was so proud of me that she kissed my head and started playing a riveting game of tennis ball bounce with me! The higher it would bounce, the more exciting it was to chase it and run around the park with the ball in my mouth! I ran ran ran and ran some more and it felt so good to be free and loved, even if it was just for an hour! It was the best hour of my life y’all, and I hope that someone else soon will take me to the park or even better yet, will find it in their heart to bring me home. A foster mommy or daddy would give me a break from the shelter and give my humans a chance to see if I fit in with their home. Can I come home with you? I liked Tina right away. She was happy to meet a new friend, and I enjoyed being with her. She’d play with toys, sit for treats, and wag her tail like crazy when I praised and petted her. She also liked chillin’ in the shade and just being with a friend. Tina is a sweet beauty and perfect companion! To meet Tina or learn more about adopting or rescuing her, please contact the shelter at 706-613-3540.

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