53793 – Badger

5 months
Male – Neutered!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/24

Why choose me?

Badger is between 4 and 5 months old – just a kitten! He’s got cartoonishly large eyes that make him particularly adorable. Badger is a somewhat timid kitten but in his couple of weeks in foster care he has gone from being an extremely skittish little one who would not leaving his “hiding place” in the bathroom to a kitten who enjoys exploring the apartment, napping by the window, and playing with a myriad of toys. I now even sometimes find him snuggled up to me at night. He still gets startled easily and takes time to warm up to change but every day he is progressing on becoming more and more comfortable in a home environment. I am confident that once in a forever home, he would continue to become more social and outgoing. Even when he first arrived and was scared of everything, Badger was a gentle sweetheart – he has never once hissed, growled, or scratched, and he purrs any time you pick him up or pet him. Seriously, this guy purrs sometimes when you just sit next to him on the couch or walk in the room.

Badger would make a wonderful companion for someone in a quieter home – I do not think he would do very well with dogs, as he is still intimidated by sudden movements and loud noises – but he may do well with another calm feline friend. He’s already neutered and up to date on shots. Please consider adopting Badger if you’re looking for a gentle kitten companion!