53727 – Georgia

3 years Female – spayed! Heartworm negative! Available as of 6/26 Click here to sponsor

Why choose me?

Update 8/1: Georgia spent a few days in a home, but is back at the shelter. While she’s great with people, she has a prey drive with small animals, so she’s not a good fit for a home with cats or small dogs. (She also guards food against other animals but is fine if fed in a crate and doesn’t seem perturbed by people in her space.) She’s got a great smile and LOTS of love for her people–I hope she finds her right home soon!

This is Miss Georgia, though she responds to Gidgi or Idgy much better. She does not feel too well while recovering from her spay, but that does not stop her from being the sweetest pup. She smiles the biggest smiles and will do anything to be close to someone else, including try to open her crate when she is not quite ready for bed yet. Today she discovered her foster brother’s favorite spot and basked in the warm sun for a couple hours while patiently waiting for her foster parents to be done with some yard work. She will explore a bit, but does not have the confidence to wonder off too far on her own just yet. She is perfectly content to be close to someone for the passing ear scratch or tummy rub as they go about their daily work.

She gets along well enough with other dogs, but has trouble determining where the boundaries are so it may take time for her to find her spot. She definitely is not a fighter, though. All her pestering has been attempts to show unappreciated affection to an old grouch.

In the mean time, she is happy to just be a lazy pup and sleep in her crate where she definitely shows confidence and security. Or to lay in your lap as you binge watch the new season of your favorite show. She may be lacking in general manners, but she is definitely willing to learn. For now, though, she is good with laying in the sun and chasing the occasional bug that hurries past her nose on a hot summer day.


The shelter is closed to the public, so volunteers are unable to write stories about new dogs at this time. If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or rescuing Georgia, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.

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