53607, 53608, 53609, 53610 – Gemma, Remi, Carmina & Clara

Born Approx. 4/20
Females – Spayed!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 7/3/2020
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Update 7/16: Gemma, Remi, Carmina & Clara are sisters. They have already been spayed and can be adopted immediately! To learn more about them or make arrangements to meet them for foster, adoption or rescue, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540.

These sweet sisters are approximately 3 months old (as of mid-July). All four of them have been spayed, vaccinated and can be adopted at any time, either individually, in groups, or even better yet – why not adopt all four? Here is how you can tell them apart: Gemma (Ledger# 53607) is the smallest sister, a dilute calico (blue/cream colors) with white on her face, chest and feet. Remi (Ledger# 53608) has brown/caramel tabby stripes with white. Carmina (Ledger# 53609) is easy to spot, because she has a mostly white face and body, with some calico colors and tabby markings mixed in. Clara (Ledger# 53610) has brown/caramel tabby stripes, but less white than Remi. When you come to meet these girls, you can always ask staff to help identify who is who. These sisters are a great choice for rescue groups, as they are already spayed and have great temperaments!