53557 – Lolly

6-12 months
Female – spayed!
41 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 6/14
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Why choose me?

Update from Lolly’s temporary foster 7/7: Lolly is a great dog that could absolutely learn the rules and expectations of a family home. She followed the lead of our other dog, following him around outside and going potty when he did. She had zero accidents indoors. She entered her crate when offered treats and remained there overnight without difficulty. She enjoys balls and other outdoor toys. Her love of water is strong- she’d rather play in her water bowl than drink and she was joyful when we got the hose out. She was very interested in our cats and would lunge at them, so any cat introductions should be done with caution. She enjoyed nightly walks, but would attempt to run after passing cars. She should never be off leash for this reason alone. Lolly believes she is a lap dog, in the car (she’s a mellow traveler) and when you’re sitting down in a chair. Lolly is still young and does some occasional mouthing when playing, but stops when corrected.

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