53503 – Buford

Medical Case – Heartworms 🙁
5 years
Male – neutered!
61 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 5/11
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Why choose me?

Update 7/3 from Buford’s Fourth of July Foster:I brought Buford home for the weekend to spare him from heavy fireworks beside the shelter, and he has been really good! If you’re looking for a chill dog- doesn’t pull on leash, likes hugs, prefers outdoors, good with dogs, seems good with cats (touched noses with one on a walk!), and generally a good guy- I’d be psyched to help find him a good home!

Buford looks a little worse for wear right now, with his armadillo hind end, but he’s on his way to recovery. He’s a stoic pup, taking everything in stride, and enjoying his time in the sun. He seemed to like the dogs on either side of him but was not a big player; instead, he was happy to wander around, checking out the pen and posing for me each time I asked. I can’t wait to see how he continues to improve, though I hope he finds his family or a foster soon!

Buford has tested positive for heartworms. Athenspets will help with the cost of treatment, but an adopter or rescue should be prepared for some added cost and the exercise restrictions of heartworms. To learn more about how to prevent and treat heartworms, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s webpage.

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