53461 – Pancho

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6 years
Male – neutered!
62 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 5/5
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Update 8/7: Pancho spent a few hours away from the shelter with Grady and me. We first went to a dog park at Sandy Creek Park. Pancho had a great time exploring the dog park and always came came back to us when called. He was totally disinterested when we threw tennis balls around the park and then walked to collect them without his assistance. The only issue was Pancho’s pulling on his leash as we went from the car to the dog park. He had walked well on a leash at the shelter, but not so well in an open area.

After spending about an hour at Sandy Creek, we headed over to Memorial Park. Our objective in going there was to work on his leash skills and evaluate his reactions in walking close to strangers and other dogs. As already noted, he pulled on the leash and was a challenge at times. However, he settled and was walking much better after about 30 minutes. We walked by several strangers of various ages and several dogs of various sizes without incident. We ended the outing with a cool drink of water and a cool ride back to the shelter. What we know about Pancho:

Readily jumps in and out of a car, and is a good rider.
Sees no point in chasing or retrieving a tennis ball.
Loves being around people and readily comes when called, even in a large open area.
Behaves well around children.
Has no issues walking near strangers and/or other dogs.
Needs work walking on a leash.

Overall, our adventure was a great success and we had a great time.

Update 8/4: Grady, my oldest grandson, heard me talking about what great dogs were at the Athens-Clarke County Animal Shelter and wanted to see for himself. Our first visit today was with Pancho, who lived up to the hype and seemed to enjoy our company, especially with Grady. He even helped Grady work on his dog handling skills. Pancho is well mannered, loves learning and enjoys being with people. He would be a positive addition to most any family. Call the Animal Shelter at 706-613-3540 and make an appointment to meet this special boy.

Update 7/19: OH, PANCHO!! I’ve visited with him several times and discovered he’s very friendly, walks well on a leash, sits for treats, takes treats gently, and is an all around good guy. At about 6 years old, he’s a mature dog that would make someone a great buddy.

The shelter is closed to the public, so volunteers are unable to write stories about new dogs at this time. If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or rescuing Pancho, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff.

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