53415 – Tarzan

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Tarzan and Jane enjoy a doggie day out, and here’s one more video!

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7 years
Male – neutered!
75 pounds
Treated for heartworms
Available as of 4/20
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Update from Tarzan’s foster 10/10: Tarzan is sweet and loving. He is the type of dog who curls up next to you and snores the day away. He is also the kind of dog who needs another dog in the home. He just doesn’t like being alone. He grew up with a sister and he’s looking for a home where he can share a similar bond. He loves kids, he gets so happy when children come up to him and give him attention. He doesn’t like being crated (can you blame him?). He the kind of dog who loves a good couch. He’s the kind of dog who loves to run around a backyard for 10 minutes or go on a short quiet walk before taking a long much-needed nap. He’s the kind of dog who is loyal. He’s exactly what I imagine as a “family dog”.

Update from Tarzan’s foster 10/2:
Tarzan is a cuddle bug. He loves sleep and SHORT walks. Mirrors freak him out a little😂 He’s also not a huge fan of confined spaces when he’s alone (big guy just gets a little lonely). But he’s fine alone when left with a bedroom door open and the living room to himself or with another dog around. Also, him not being put in a crate is completely fine because he’s not destructive at all!! He’s so great. He loves kids and other dogs. I kid you not he is one of the absolute best dogs on this planet. He listens to commands, knows sit, and walks super well on the leash. Also today we had a major breakthrough!!!! He played with a toy, although not for long, it just shows that with only a week of love and assurance this big guy will show his true personality which is an old cuddley, sometimes zoomies kind of guy. Give this gentle old soul a chance to live in your home!

Update 9/26: Tarzan and Jane enjoyed a doggie day out together! They got a bath, went on a walk sporting their super cute new bandanas, met our neighbor Ghost through the door, drove to Starbucks to get a pup cup, and took cuddle naps! There couldn’t be two more perfect pups in the world more deserving of a happy home!!

Update 9/7: Tarzan has recovered from his heartworm treatment and ready to find his forever. Contact the shelter to meet this great pup and see if he is a good fit for your family!

Update 8/22: Tarzan is super gentle with kids and absolutely loves them! He’s also great meeting any new dog in public as you can see with this pibble puppy he made friends with today!

Update from Tarzan’s foster 8/14: Short walks are his jam. 1/4 mile and he’s done, but he walks without pulling on my woodland paths.
Bath time was a breeze. He just needed help climbing in the tub, and just stood there.
He doesn’t jump at all, yet sitting is not a something he wants to do. He may have arthritis in his hips?
Of course after every walk, love session, or whatever waking moment he just wants to nap afterwards.
He’s doing well enough with my cats.
Car rides, he handles them like a pro.
Slumber parties, passes right on out as soon as the bedtime story starts.
Morning coffee, he gives kisses and cuddles into his morning nap

Update 7/20: Tarzan is an older boy who has obviously had a life of chewing hard things and all of his teeth seem to be worn down to little nubs.
He may not be much to look at, he’s got some bald spots, or have the most impressive teeth, but boyyyyyyyyyy he doesn’t let that get him down! He smiles SO BIG and gives kisses galore! He’s a big love, and he would love a foster or forever home where someone would shower him with love! His bio says he’s only 7, but I think he’s possibly much older. He’s goofy and loves to be allllll up in your space, and loves pets all over! I was messing with his ears, petting his smooth booty (he’s missing fur on his back and rear), and touching his gums, and he’s cool with it all as long as it means he’s getting attention! It’s pretty obvious he’s not had the best care, but he sure has nothing but smiles and love to give!

Update 7/5: Tarzan has received his shots to kill his heartworms and is now on crate rest for the remainder of the month. Please wish this big boy well as he recovers!

Tarzan has tested positive for heartworms. While Athenspets will help with the cost of treatment, an adopter or rescue should be prepared for some added cost and the exercise restrictions of treatment. To learn more about heartworms, including how to prevent and treat them, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s webpage.

The shelter is closed to the public, so volunteers are unable to write stories about new dogs at this time. If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or rescuing Tarzan, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff. We do know that Tarzan came in with Jane.

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