53414 – Jane

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Medical Case – In treatment for heartworms 🙁

7 years
Female – spayed!
80 pounds
In treatment for heartworms
Available as of 4/20
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Update from her foster 8/2: Jane is a very well behaved older dog. She does not jump on furniture, people, or counters. She loves to lay behind your feet while you are cooking or just next to you if you are sitting on the floor. She knows how to sit, shake, and down on command. She LOVES car rides and walks.

Update: Jane has received her heartworm shots and is in recovery. Wish this sweet girl well as she gets healthy!

Update 7/19: Today I picked Jane up from the shelter to foster her. She has already come come out of her shell since we had her over the July 4th weekend. We gave her an antler to chew on and she laid down and chewed on it for a little bit. This in itself is big (at least with me) as before she felt like she had to bury to keep it safe. She loves giving out kisses and even rolled over for belly rubs! In one of the pictures you see her giving my husband so many kisses as he was trying to hide his face. If you are looking for an older dog that is laid back Jane is the dog for you.

Update from Jane’s temporary foster 7/5: Jane has received her shots to kill her heartworms and is now on crate rest. Since her shots, she is doing well. Got a little more pep in her step, but that could be the steroids that she is on right now. She is starting to slowly come out her shell and has started to put her paw on your leg for ear rubs and loves my kids (10 & 14). Otherwise she just rests. Not a big toy dog.

Update from Jane’s temporary foster 6/28: Jane is a sweet girl. All she wants to do is give kisses. She is a very relaxed dog and all she wants is to be loved. She is older, but still loves to go on short walks and even does a little prance at times. Jane is housetrained and loves the softer treats.

Update 6/16: I haven’t been able to spend much time with Jane; with the shelter closed to volunteers, I’m focused on getting photos of the new dogs and cats when I’m there. But I make a point to take the other dogs out when I’m there, the dogs that don’t need photos but do need love. And Jane is one of those. She’s so sweet and patient, happy for attention but also waiting her turn. Tarzan is infatuated with her, but Jane is more independent–she likes him and is happy to see him, but I think she would be fine on her own. She’s not much in the looks department, but she is a really good dog. I hope someone chooses her soon–she deserves so much more out of life than she’s gotten so far.

Jane has tested positive for heartworms. While Athenspets will help with the cost of treatment, an adopter or rescue should be prepared for some added cost and the exercise restrictions of treatment. To learn more about heartworms, including how to prevent and treat them, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s webpage.

The shelter is closed to the public, so volunteers are unable to write stories about new dogs at this time. If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or rescuing Jane, call 706-613-3540 to discuss options with staff. We do know that Jane came in with Tarzan and has some medical issues with her back hips.

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