53426 – Small Fry

Medical Case – In Treatment for Heartworms

2 years
Female – spayed!
39 pounds
In treatment for heartworms
Available as of 4/21
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Why choose me?

May 18 & 19: Small Fry received the shots to kill her heartworms. She will be on crate rest for the next month while she recovers–please wish this fun pup well during this time!

Update from Small Fry’s fosters 4/22: In the three weeks she’s been with us, we’ve had the joy of getting to know Small Fry (Schmutz), one of the cutest dogs there is! We’ve worked on sit, wait, recall, boundaries, and leash walking. She’s very smart, treat motivated, and a fast learner – and she takes her treats ever so gently. She’s also learned to be respectful and sweet to our cat. She is mostly housebroken (it’s been complicated with a case of hookworms – but accidents are rare now that she’s been treated). She has worked on crate training: currently she eats her meals and Kongs in there and sometimes takes a nap or plays with toys in her crate, though she still has some more training to work on before she’s comfortable being crated for longer periods. She currently sleeps on a dog bed by our bed (and has the cutest snore). Most importantly, she’s shown how sweet and affectionate she is with people and other dogs of all sizes. Being with our dogs really brings out her confidence. She loves loves loves to play with our dogs (we have to limit because of heartworms for now) and she also really loves toys and chews. We have not introduced her to any kids because of social distancing, but we think she would be good with them – though she is a little mouthy in a purely playful way, but she responds well to corrections and training. Once she gets through her HW treatment, she will make a great companion for an active family or individual. She’s a cuddly, goofy sweetheart with lots of love and kisses to give. Whoever adopts her will be very lucky.

Update 4/21: Small Fry’s adopters decided they weren’t ready to adopt a dog and are fostering instead. That means sweet, adorable Small Fry is now available for adoption or rescue!

Update 3/31: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Small Fry is now spayed and in a shelter foster home! To learn more about Small Fry, or to meet her for adoption or rescue, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540.

Update: Unfortunately, Small Fry has tested positive for heartworms. Athenspets will do our best to help with the cost of treatment, but an adopter or rescue should be prepared for the added cost and exercise restrictions of treatment. To learn more about heartworms, including how to treat and prevent them, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s page.

Small Fry is the most ADORABLE pocket pittie! She’s also super sweet. She’s a little shy, but who can blame her? She’s a quiet little girl surrounded by larger dogs and a lot of noise. Once she got to know me, she followed me around the interaction pen. I picked her up (yes, she’s that small!) to sit with me on the picnic table, and she placed her head against me as I petted her. Small Fry is a gentle sweetheart who’ll win your heart!

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