53270 – Balto

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Update from Balto’s foster: Balto has been good in the house. Had a few accidents when I first got him home but he’s been great since so I would say he is house trained. He loves to play with any and all toys. Loves long walks but pulls a little on leash (working on that). Not crating him when I leave and so far he has been good. He did think one of my little decorator balls was a toy today and tore that up but that’s it. Constantly tries to get my attention as I am working from home but once he realizes I can’t play, he settles down. Knows how to sit and knows his name.

Update from Balto’s foster 3/26: Balto meet my friend’s dog last night. He did pretty well! We took them on a walk first and then we came back to my house. Balto was a little territorial with his toys and treats but they were sharing a water bowl at one point. He was playful with her and she was very submissive to him. He played a little rough with her at times as he was trying to show his dominance but never hurt her in any way. He loved chasing her around the house and she kept egging him on.

Update from Balto’s foster 3/22: Balto is an absolute joy to have around. He is recovering nicely from his wounds and getting his playfulness back! He is doing so well! We take long walks in the neighborhood so we can work on his leash walking, chase balls in the yard, and just spend time chilling on the couch. He has a super sweet personality and hasn’t met anyone he doesn’t like yet. He knows how to sit and will do so willingly for treats. Going for a ride? Take Balto with you as he is a wonderful car riding companion as well. He is learning his name and getting better everyday. Spend some time with this handsome boy and you will fall in love as I have!

Balto came to us after having been hit by a car, but thankfully his injuries have all healed and he’s landed in a great shelter foster home for the remainder of his recovery (so call the shelter at 706-613-3540 if you are interested in learning more about him or making arrangements to meet him for adoption or rescue). He has mild degenerative disc disease in his neck, but there’s nothing to do about it other than give him some medication when he seems sore (and he’s a bit of a drama queen so he’ll let you know if he’s sore!) and avoid aggravating it (ie, leash walks only with a harness, no grabbing his collar, he shouldn’t play tug-o-war…). He’s such a sweet boy and we’re grateful to the Good Samaritan who took him in to the vet after seeing him hit!

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