53193 – Sophia & Her Pups

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Update: Sophia and her pups are in a temporary foster home during the coronavirus quarantine period! If you are a rescue interested in learning more about this great family, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540.

Update 3/3: This little family is available to rescue groups and they are looking for a foster home!

Sophia is a great mama and promises to do the hard work! She is affectionate and enjoys cuddling! The family does not need much space and would need to remain separated from other animals until the puppies are old enough to be vaccinated.

Update 2/24: Sophia is in a shelter foster home and doing great! We expect her to have her puppies any day–we’re so grateful they will be born in a home instead of at the shelter. If you are a rescue about to pull her, please contact the shelter at 706-613-3540. To help a shelter animal like Sophia by fostering, please apply here.

Sophia is a beautiful sweetheart whose puppies are due any day. As soon as I began petting her, she was kissing my hand. After hearing her story, I’m amazed that she’s so trusting. Before bringing her in as a stray, a veterinary technician removed a bullet from her neck. It was an old injury, and the bullet had worked its way up so that it could be seen. I don’t understand how anyone can be so cruel shooting her. Her past, however, hasn’t affected Sophia’s gentle nature. She came in with an older puppy, Dorothy, who’s just as beautiful and sweet as her mama. I hope both of these golden girls find new homes where they’ll always be loved. Since Sophia is pregnant, she’s only available to rescues. The pound is no place for a mama and her newborns, so let’s hope Sophia is rescued soon.

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