53174 – Beach

2 years
52 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 2/17
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Why choose me?

Beach is a beautiful, sweet boy who is a little confused on how to be a dog. At first, he let me get him on a leash, bring him to the play pen (with great leash manners I might add), and then decided he wanted to explore his surroundings and keep a safe distance from me. Every time I would come near him to try and snap a photo, he would run away in a playful yet cautious manner. I finally decided to sit down and give him time to come to me. He would run up and then run away or smell me or even let me pat his head. I tried giving him treats and throwing him toys but it was almost as if he had no idea what they were. What he did know though was how to play with other dogs! Scout was on the other side of the fence and they had a great time running side by side with tails wagging. Beach is a gentle, confused boy who just has some warming up to do before we get to see his full personality. But based on his mannerisms today, I can already tell he is going to be a big love-bug who just wants to play!

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