53139 – Bubba

2 years
54 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 2/6
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Why choose me?

Update 2/17: Bubba is making progress! Today was the first day that I didn’t have to coax him out of his run. He stepped forward to be leashed and was ready to have fun. He enjoyed running with another dog along the fence but also spent time with me being petted and getting treats. I no longer have to leave the leash on him while he plays because he happily comes to me. I love seeing this sweet boy have a great time!

Update 2/15: Ohhhhhhh, Bubba. What a sad life you must have had before finding yourself at animal control….. So sensitive to hands… 😭
I tell ya, Bubba made me earn his trust.. I sat with him in his kennel a good 40 minutes, ignoring him, allowing him to come sniff me, run away, sniff, take a treat, run away, and then …… he let me touch him. ❤️
Life has not been kind to Bubba, and the loud shelter is scary, but once he comes around, he is a fun pup! I am just getting to know this guy, but if you have some free time and want to help him trust you, go sit in his kennel and allow him to come around to you. You won’t regret it!!

If Bubba looks a little shell-shocked in his pictures, that’s because he’s frightened at the pound. He’s also scared of leashes but will walk with you once it’s on. It’s probably best to leave it on him while he’s outside until he’s feeling more comfortable. I suspect that Bubba hasn’t had the best life. When I raised my arm to throw a toy, he cowered, and a staff member said he did that whenever someone raised a hand during his impound. She also said he’s a sweet dog once he feels safe. Eventually, Bubba let me pet him without drawing away. He needs time to trust, and I bet with more positive interactions with humans, he’ll forget his worries. Bubba needs a home where he’ll know what it’s like to be loved.

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