53071 – Diamond

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2 years
Female – spayed!
44 pounds
Treated for heartworms!
Available as of 9/5
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Why choose me? Update 9/5: Due to unexpected events and not to any fault of her own, Diamond is back at the shelter. This sweet, loving girl is still waiting for her forever home. Update 8/7: Diamond is now the longest term dog shelter resident! She’s a great dog and doing so well in her foster home, but it’s time she found her forever home. Please call the shelter at 706-613-3540 to schedule a time to meet this WONDERFUL girl! Update 4/17: Thanks to donations to the Athenspets Medical Fund, Diamond has been treated for heartworms and is on crate rest for the next month. Please wish this pretty girl well while she recovers! Update from Diamond’s fosters 3/23: We picked up our sweet foster pup, Diamond! She’s 2 years old, 44 lbs, and the sweetest, most affectionate love bug! She always wants to be on someone’s lap and she’s made us a million times happier already! Update: Diamond is in a shelter foster home! To learn more about her or meet her to adopt or rescue her, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540. Update 3/11: I have always known that Diamond is a sweet girl who has been nice to other dogs at the fence, but today I saw this in action beyond a fence. Someone had not checked to make sure her kennel gate was latched, and she wandered out. When she saw me, she saw a friend and came to me as I was walking another female dog, Persephone, to an interaction pen. Both girls were friendly, and when I opened an interaction pen for Diamond, she walked right in and then waited while I took Persephone to another pen. Before coming to the pound, Diamond spent her life in a small crate. Being at the pound surrounded by other dogs is new to her, and I was proud of how she acted with Persephone. She’s a sweet, innocent dog who’d be devoted to a family who loves her. Update: Unfortunately, Diamond has tested positive for heartworms. Athenspets will do our best to help with the cost of her treatment, but an adopter or rescue should be prepared for some added expenses and the exercise restrictions of treatment. To learn more about heartworms, including how to treat and prevent them, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s webpage. Update 1/26: Thanks to our Medical Fund donors, Diamond has been checked out by Firehall 4 Animal Hospital! Her listing to the side doesn’t seem to be anything that needs medical care; while we are hopeful it will improve, for now it’s just the way she is. No matter–she doesn’t mind! She’s looking for a rescue or adopter who will look past it and give her a chance to be a beloved family member. Today may well have been a day of firsts for Diamond. She’s spent much of her life in a small crate, so maybe today was the first time she was able to run in a wide-open area, be loved, and play with toys. She was actually a little clumsy and tumbled head over heels while running with a toy, but she got up and wanted to keep playing. She LOVED pets and treats and would press her head against us when she was petted. I hope a better life is ahead for Diamond. She’s so sweet and full of love.

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