53042 & 53043 – Tyson & Boomer

$150 each in sponsorship funds available to rescue group!

**Special $25 Adoption Fee!**

10 Years
Males – Neutered!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 1/17/2020 – Owner Surrenders!
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Why choose me?

These brothers could really use your help right now… you see, Tyson and Boomer are 10-year-old seniors who were recently surrendered to the shelter. Senior kitties oftentimes experience difficulty adjusting to the shelter, because they are used to their set routines in a relaxing home for so many years, and they are typically overlooked by adopters, who tend to favor younger cats/kittens. This is sad, because Senior cats actually make wonderful, loyal companions–especially for someone who wants more relaxing, less rambunctious housemates!

Tyson & Boomer are calm, gentle brothers who are hoping to be adopted/rescued together (indoor-only please). Tyson is the black kitty, and he will immediately greet you when you open the kennel door. He likes to rub his head all over your hands and loves attention. Boomer is mostly white, with gray spots. You’ll notice that he’s more reserved than Tyson, but Boomer really enjoys being petted and loved on, as well. Boomer weighs close to 17 LBS, and we suspect he may have some pain from arthritis/his weight, but he’s now on a better diet plan. Tyson and Boomer are sure to make loyal couch companions, or even lap cats. Will you their hero by adopting them into your indoor-only home?

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