53006 – Chico

8 years Male 34 pounds Heartworm status n/a Available as of 1/10 Click here to sponsor
Why choose me? OMG, this cutie and his sweater and booties tickled me silly today! He is a sport! As an older gentleman, he is quiet (may be a bit hard of hearing and seeing), and he’s perfectly chill. He doesn’t get what all the commotion is about around him. He immediately pottied upon being let out of his run, so he may be housebroken already. And guess what?! He’s nearly hairless, so limited shedding! Chico has been at the pound before. His owner decided to surrender him because he’d have to be neutered if reclaimed and would no longer be able to breed. Hopefully, Chico will find a family who’ll love him forever and appreciate not only his unique looks but also his easy-going ways. He enjoys going for walks and takes things as they come.

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