52991 – Oreo

Rescue Only

2 years
Female – spayed!
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 1/9
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Update 2/20: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Oreo is now spayed! Oreo is now in a shelter foster home and while she is scared of most everything, she LOVES her foster brother (ACCAS alum Shrek, AKA T-Bone)–she even dragged her bed over next to his to sleep next to him last night. If you’d like to meet Oreo, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540 to arrange a time. If you’d be interested in opening your home on a temporary basis to help a shelter animal, please complete the shelter’s foster application form.

Update 1/29: A dedicated volunteer has been working with Oreo, and she’s making progress. He began by sitting with her in her kennel patiently waiting for her to come to him. She did and now sits beside him taking treats. Her favorites are hot dogs. This week, the volunteer was successful in getting her to walk to the interaction pen across from her kennel. Knowing how scared Oreo has been at the pound, that’s huge! He told me that no matter how frightened Oreo has been, she’s never snapped or growl. She’s a sweet dog who’s never known love before coming here. She still has a ways to go before she’s comfortable at the pound and with new people, but small steps will get her there.

Oreo is petrified at the pound. She lived her life as a yard dog with very little contact with her former owner, so she’s understandably uncertain. When I met her, she was on a bed under a desk in the officers’ office. She was around people and watching what was going on but also safe in her little “den.” Oreo is thin right now, but you can still see that she’s a pretty girl. Until she’s more comfortable in her new surroundings, she’s only available to rescues. Hopefully, she’ll have a chance to know what it’s like to be with a family or special person who loves her and wants her to be with them.

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