52988 – Count

5 years
77 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 1/14
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Why choose me?

Update 1/13: COUNT❤ is the absolute SWEEEETEST baby! When you go by his run he softly cries hoping you’ll notice how beautiful he is even though he’s not perfect…he’s got some skin issues that have been neglected by whoever had him for a very long time. I gave him a medicated bath today and you could just tell he felt so much better..Look at those huge smiles😁😁. I don’t think he’s had that kind of attention in a very long time if ever😭he was scared to death of the bathtub, but was still a good and sweet boy to me❤he is a total love bug and deserves so much more love than what he’s previously had😞😞he is going to the vet soon so we will know what is actually going on with his coat and get him treated. He needs a rescue to step up! He is dog friendly and his run was clean so I’m assuming he’s house trained. He’s 5 years old and very chill. Loves people and treats and neck scratches❤❤❤

If you are looking for a couch potato, Count is your guy! This loving, sweet boy just wants to be around people and will try hard to sit in your lap. He’s a handsome boy just looking for all the love he can find. He didn’t leave my side for a minute so I had to have a little help with his initial pictures. Spend some time with Count and you will see what a special boy he is.

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