52987 – Scarlet

1 year
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 1/13
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Why choose me?

Red nose, adorable ears, and fun personality—that’s Scarlet! As soon as we entered the interaction pen, she spied a toy, grabbed it and began to run. When she dropped it, I tossed another one for her to chase. She started bringing them back to me, and we had a good game going. Unfortunately, I rewarded her with a treat, and that was it for toys. She’d give me her sweetest face wanting more. She’d also sit for them, but as soon as I stepped back for a picture, she’d get up to step closer. Scarlet enjoys pets and praise as much as treats and became my buddy. She was also friendly to Ginger at the fence, and they had the best time racing. Scarlet is a sweet, happy girl who likes everyone she meets!

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