52965 – Trooper

Medical Case – Heartworms 🙁

1 year
50 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 1/6
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Why choose me?

Update 1/13: Unfortunately, Trooper has tested positive for heartworms. While Athenspets will do our best to help with the cost of treatment, an adopter or rescue should be prepared for the added cost and exercise restrictions of a heartworm-positive dog. To learn more about heartworms, including how to prevent and treat them, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s website.

At first, Trooper wasn’t sure about leaving his kennel, but he was sure that he liked the treats I had and was willing to give it a try. Upon closer inspection, I could see that Trooper had several scabs about his legs and head, so I could understand why he was uncertain. There’s no telling what he’s endured. Treats made him happy, and while he hasn’t been taught to sit, he learned pretty quickly that he could hop on the picnic table to earn them. He also learned that he could trust me and pets were nice. Hopefully, Trooper will be given a chance to learn lots of new things. He’s a sweet dog who wants to feel safe, be loved, and enjoy treats!

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