52899 – Ruffus

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4 years Male – neutered! 46 pounds Heartworm status n/a Available as of 12/20 Click here to sponsor

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Update 12/25: Ruffus super-impressed me today. He’s been the last dog left in his kennel twice when everyone else had gotten out, but he sits and waits patiently. Today, there was a large unneutered male going crazy in the interaction pen next to where I was going to put him; I wasn’t sure if it would be a problem, but Ruffus led me to a spot about 3′ feet from the dog, then just stood there calmly looking away. He then peed, and walked to the pen with me. The other dog calmed down immediately and they had no issues next to each other. While we haven’t had him face-to-face with another dog yet, he appears to have great dog skills!

Ruffus is a handsome, mild-mannered fellow. Someone in his past, cropped his ears probably trying to make him look tough but failed. He has the sweetest face that goes right along with his disposition. His latest owner only had Ruffus for a few weeks but surrendered him because he wasn’t trained. That’s so sad. Ruffus is a good dog. He knows how to sit and walked well on a leash for me. He lived with a puppy and did well with it. House training takes a little time and patience but is definitely something that can be learned. I hope Ruffus can find a home where he’s loved and given a chance.

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