52852 – Riley

1 year Male 20 pounds Heartworm status n/a Available as of 12/7 Click here to sponsor
Why choose me? My heart broke when I heard Riley’s story. Someone dumped him and his best friend, a little Chihuahua, in the parking lot of the pound this morning and took off. Both dogs were petrified. Riley went to the officer who went out to get them, but unfortunately, his friend ran off. Hopefully, that dog will be found soon. Riley was still scared when I met him, but he let me pick him up and carry him outside. I held him for a while telling him he was a good boy, petting him, and trying to comfort him. Eventually, his tail untucked, and Riley began to feel better. He explored a little but always came back to me and was ready to be held. Riley is the sweetest boy and wants to be loved. I hope he finds a family who will give him that love.

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