52751 – Dan

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8 years
61 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 11/12
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Update 11/19: Dan and I had a blast today! He’s an eight year old senior with the heart of a pup who likes to play with toys. I knew that he’d eat up all the lovin’ and back scratches you can give him, but running and catching toys was a side of Dan I hadn’t seen. I’d have to trade a treat for his toy to keep playing, but he was always agreeable to that. He played every round with gusto. When I took Dan back to his kennel, I asked him if he’d had fun, and he just beamed. Dan is a great dog filled with love and a playful spirit!

Dan is just a big pile of love. He was excited to get out of his pen and easily posed for pictures. He loves his treats and just wanted to stay close to me for some love. Back scratches are his favorite and if you stop, he will follow you until you start again. Dan came to the shelter as a stray but he knows how to sit and stay, and the person who found him says Dan has a prey drive and cannot be trusted with small dogs. It won’t take long to fall in love with this handsome pup.

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