52743 – Tamera

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2 years
40 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 11/10
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Tamera and Tia are two super sweet girls. Tia was a little shy at first while Tamera meets new people easily. Once the pets, belly rubs, and treats began, it was all good, and Tia forgot about being afraid. Both girls love treats. Tamera will sit for them, and Tia hops on her two hind legs. They don’t mind waiting their turn and take them gently. While I held Tia, Tamera sat right beside us. When I was playing with Tamera, Tia was on the blanket basking in the sun. They’re gentle, easy-going dogs who don’t demand attention but enjoy it when it’s given. Tamera and Tia love each other but don’t have to be adopted together. Together or apart, each would be a great addition to almost any loving family!

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