52740 – Byrd

1 year
45 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 11/10
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Why choose me?

Update 11/19: Byrd had a family visit him the other day with kids ages 8 and 13. He loves children and was great with them! He’s a sweet, playful pup, and I know they loved him, too!

Update 11/12: The last time I played with Byrd, he was all about treats. Today, it was toys! He couldn’t wait for me to throw a toy so he could jump off the picnic table, grab it, and bring it back to the table to chew on a bit. As soon as I threw another one, he was off to retrieve it as well. We had a great time. After lots of running, Byrd was ready for a few treats and lots of pets while he relaxed. He’s a good boy and so much fun!

Byrd looks serious in his pictures, but he was happy to have time in the interaction pen. He played with some toys, and while he was playing, he found some treats that had been left behind by other dogs. He acted like he’d made a great discovery and was on a mission to find more. I held up more treats and jackpot! That got Byrd’s attention right away, and he’d sit or wait patiently for them. He’s a good dog and likes pets as much as treats. If you’re looking for a new buddy, Byrd is waiting to meet you!

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