52735 – Grace

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5 years
Female – spayed!
43 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 11/9
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Update 1/5: Grace is such a joy! She did beautifully with my 9 year old son. She knows sit and shake and is so gentle taking treats out of your hand. She loves giving you kisses and absolutely will not go potty In her run, so house-trained she is! What a doll grace is. Just waiting to be a blessing to a family.

Update 12/29: Grace means eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy. This beautiful dog encapsulates her name. She’s a calm-natured joy of a girl who is starting to show signs of depression after 8 weeks as an orphan at the animal shelter. Whereas she used to stand stoically at her gate, lightly wagging her tail in hopes of being chosen by anyone walking by, today I noticed she is staying curled in a ball on her bed until someone goes into her kenneI specifically. She’s happy to see people who want to spend time with her, but she’s given up hope. 😩

I took her to Trail Creek Park and SBC for a couple of hours today for a break, and she was such a good girl! She’s a perfect backseat car rider, an easy walk on a leash with only occasional light pulling, and she gives the sweetest kisses! Grace is also very likely housebroken. She can be uncertain about other dogs, but she dotes on her human companions. She’s available for a foster home or permanent adoption, but she needs to escape the stress of the shelter as soon as possible. Eloquent, beautiful, kind, and merciful. She’s bound to be her human’s best, most loyal friend. And she can catch! (see video clip)
Update 12/26: I adore Grace. She’s a good girl who’s ready to play fetch or happy to be loved on. She can also entertain herself lounging on the picnic table with a chew toy. Grace is wonderful with people, but it could be that she needs to be the only dog in the home. She can be uncertain about other dogs. She’s played well with some friendly males along the fence but usually doesn’t do well with females or males that bark at her. I hope Grace finds the right home for her. She’s a sweet, affectionate dog with love to share.

Grace is a gentle beauty. She was a little shy about having her pictures taken, but she wasn’t the least bit shy about giving kisses when the camera was put away. She’d sit beside me enjoying back scratches and pets and then thank me with kisses. Grace is microchipped, but the staff hasn’t been able to get in touch with her owner. Hopefully, Grace will be reclaimed, but if that doesn’t happen, she’ll need a new home. She’s a sweet, mild-mannered girl who’d love to be your best friend!

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