52723 – DJ

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4 years
Male – neutered!
63 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 10/31
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UPDATE 3/28: DJ is in a shelter foster home! To learn more about this wonderful boy or to adopt or rescue him, please contact the shelter at 706-613-3540.

Update 3/26: DJ is available to fostered (or adopted or rescued)! Please call the shelter at 706-613-3540 if you can give this great pup a place to crash for a bit!

Update 3/11: DJ got to hangout with a foster for a couple of days. Temporarily taking a dog on is a great break for the shelter dogs! We also get to learn so much about them in a home.
We have learned DJ is house broken and does well with cats! His foster said he’s the perfect house guest and has fallen in love.

Update 3/6: DJ spent some time out of the shelter today running a few errands at Lowe’s and walking around Memorial Park. He had behaved very well at an outdoor adoption event at Southern Brewing in February, but I wanted to assess how he would behave in a closed environment, such as a store, and how he would react to dogs encountered on a walk. Our visit to Lowe’s went very well. DJ enjoyed walking through the garden section and on into the store. He was relaxed as we went through the aisles and greeted new friends on our way. We then had a very nice time as we walked around the lake at Memorial Park, encountering other people and their dogs also enjoying the beautiful day. DJ was interested in the other dogs, but showed no aggression or other inappropriate behavior. We passed by a number of children, some dribbling a basketball, and he remained calm and well centered. He was more interested in the ducks swimming in the lake. After two great outings with DJ, I would be comfortable taking him just about anywhere. He loves being with people and will make someone a wonderful companion.

Update 3/1: Today DJ spent some out of the shelter at Sandy Creek Park enjoying the sunshine in his own, private dog park! This fella made the whole doggie-day-out experience fun and super easy. He rode in my backseat like a gentleman, not making a peep or being intrusive in the least! When we arrived at the park, he spent the first 15 minutes exploring the biggest yard he’s ever seen as if he couldn’t believe it was all his! As other dogs passed by or barked at him from nearby dog areas, he stood quietly and politely, wagging his tail at everyone, never barking back (see video clip). He is learning tricks and getting pretty good at sit, shake, and down. He loves to play ball, snuggle, give kisses, and generally just lounge around once he’s had time to expend some energy. DJ has been at the Athens-Clarke County Animal Shelter since Halloween. 🙁 It’s not a good situation for a dog to be in a shelter environment for this long, but DJ is taking it in stride, hoping that every person who walks past his cage will see past his scars to the beauty of what’s inside his perfect, good-natured soul. He would bring light and love and joy to a home.
Update 2/16: DJ and I attended a shelter adoption event at Southern Brewing yesterday and we both had a grand time. This was my first experience out of the shelter with DJ, so I was cautiously optimistic as to how he would behave. By the end of the event, I was truly amazed. Having spent time with DJ at the shelter, I knew he was a good dog; I just didn’t know he was this good.
He rode well in the back seat of the car to and from the event, gave polite greetings to everyone he met and was very relaxed among all the people and other dogs. He seems nothing like the rough dog that was picked up as a stray and taken to the Animal Shelter almost 4 months ago.
DJ enjoys learning and is experienced walking on a GentleLeader . He’s quick to demonstrate SIT, SHAKE, DOWN, and sometimes ROLL. This great dog would love to continue his learning and development with a caring family of his own. Come check out DJ. He really is AWESOME.
Update 1/8: DJ has come a long way since coming to the pound. He’s a fun, smart dog who wants to please. A dedicated volunteer has been working with DJ, and not only does he walk better on a leash, but he’s also mastering some skills. He’s learned to sit, shake, lie down, and roll over. He’ll also sit and hold out his paw to you to let you know he’s a good boy and would like another treat. He does all of this with the sweetest face. DJ is a good boy, and I’m proud of him. He’s proud of himself, too, and it shows!
Update 12/4: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, DJ is now neutered and available for foster! To apply to foster him, or another shelter animal, please fill out this form.

The scars on DJ’s face shows the sad story of a boy who has probably drawn the short straw in life. In spite of this fact, DJ is a very happy boy who is eager to please people. He immediately jumped in my lap as I sat on the picnic table and I could immediately tell that this good boy is desperate for a good human to love him. He needs some teaching on how to respect others’ personal space, but given how eager he is to please and how much he loves treats, I don’t think that it will be very difficult to correct those behaviors. Come see if you can be the one to give DJ the shot in life that he so deserves.

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