52685 – Colleen

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8 years
Heartworm positive 🙁
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Update 11/12: Colleen has arthritis, needs a dental with some teeth pulled (her two lower canines and some incisors that are loose) and she has moderate HWs. Unless it means being under anaesthesia too long, she could get spayed when she has her dental since she’s finishing the course of antibiotics for that currently. (We have x-rays and bloodwork done already, and she’s received treatment for her skin so that should just be a matter of time.) She chases cats and is good with dogs (the only time I’ve seen her tail wag is when she met my dog, and she also was good when she met Hercules although she did try to hump him). She needs someone who understands an older dog with creaks and pains.

Update 11/3: I have a new favorite dog.
Colleen hasn’t had the luxury of soft beds, kind hands, and basic vet care, so for her the thin fleece blanket, Kuranda beds, and flea control of Athens-Clarke County Animal Services is heaven.
But she deserves even better.
I sat with her in an interaction pen, letting her do what she wanted. What she wanted was to lick my hand and climb into my lap. She’s a funny dog–low affect with a quiet grumbly voice–but she craves contact and wants to connect.
This girl has stolen and broken my heart ❤️💔❤️💔❤️

Colleen is a senior dog who’s found herself at the pound. She wasn’t feeling her best and seemed to have a sore abdomen, so she was taken to the vet for a checkup. It isn’t clear what is going on with her abdomen/hind leg weakness at this point (could be GI distress and arthritis, could be something more serious). She’s received medication for infections on her skin and in her ears, and been dewormed (she has whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms, poor girl, so she will need another round in 3 weeks and in 3 months), but she needs more TLC than she can receive at the shelter.

She’s a sweet girl but not feeling at all well right now. If she’s not reclaimed, Colleen will need a new home but is only available to rescues at this time. Let’s hope she finds a home where she feels safe and loved and can enjoy her golden years. We’ll update Colleen’s page with more information when she’s feeling better and ready for visitors.

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