52655 – Shye

Medical Case – Heartworms 🙁

Female 50 lbs Heartworm positive 🙁 Available as of 10/25 Click here to sponsor

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Update 11/20: Unfortunately, Shye has tested positive for heartworms. While Athenspets will try to help with the cost of treatment, an adopter or rescue needs to be prepared to cover at least some of the expense. For more information about heartworms, including what treating them involves, please go to the American Heartworm Society’s webpage.

Update 11/4: Shye has come so far! When I walked into the lobby today, she was with a member of the staff and didn’t hesitate to greet me and was ready for some morning pets. I took her out later, and she was wonderful! Shye would come to me, hop up on the table to sit with me, and sit and lie down for treats. She also enjoyed being loved on. It warmed my heart to see her doing so well. I updated her pictures to show the new Shye! (Note: We’ve learned that Shye can jump a six foot fence, so she needs a home where she’s an inside dog.)

Shye is a beautiful dog who’s frightened at the pound. I met her earlier, but she wasn’t ready to leave her kennel, so whenever I passed her gate, I’d stop and give her a treat. Today, she was ready to trust, and let me slip a leash over her head. She was still scared, so I left the leash on in the interaction pen. She enjoyed running and exploring, and it wasn’t too long before her tail untucked. She’s not at the point where she’s ready for cuddles, but she would come close and then stood right beside me when she heard gunfire from the Police Academy. Small steps but Shye is doing better than when she first arrived. Hopefully, she’ll forget her worries and just enjoy being with friends.

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