52570 – Kat

6-12 months
37 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 10/20
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Update 11/12: Kat and Kit are no longer afraid. They LOVE playing in the interaction pens, and if they are together that’s even better (they’re in separate kennels but can still play together). They have the best time playing with toys whether they’re chasing the pup with the toy or running with it together, it’s all good! They’ll also come to me ready for treats and pets. It’s wonderful seeing Kat and Kit having so much fun; they’re also pros at walking on a leash. Now, they need to have fun with new families in their own forever homes!

Kat and Kit are two cute pups who are frightened at the pound. Kat would come to me for pets and even chased a few toys, but Kit was just too worried for that today. She tried joining in when Kat played with a toy but then a noise reminded her that this was a scary place. They both like staying close and love each other. Neither have ever walked on a leash, but they’ll get the idea. Hopefully, Kat and Kit will be frolicking in the play yards soon. They need new homes where they’ll feel safe and loved!

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