52509 – Otis

4 years
67 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 10/8
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Why choose me?
Update 10/5: Otis is a boy after my own heart as he likes meat just as much as I do! The Pup-Peroni treats had Otis salivating and wanting to please me! He was more than happy to sit for me in exchange for a piece of the beefy goodness and I think his love of treats would make him very easy to train! He was such a good boy and wasn’t fazed by all of the commotion going on around him! Come see the handsome boy and see if he’s a good fit for you and your family!

Otis was brought into the shelter by someone thoughtful that saw him on the roadway and wanted to make sure he was kept safe from harm. He hopped right in the car and was brought to the shelter. He is a sweet, big, loving boy and didn’t really understand what the shelter was about his first day as he was shying away from me behind his kennel gate, but once I took him into an interaction pen, he showed me he was ready to play! I didn’t intend on taking a dog out, and so came completely unprepared – no treats and no toys on me, but he was happy to sit next to me and receive pets. I am excited to see how he is the next time I go (with toys and treats)! Maybe Otis will be reclaimed by his person or people, it is obvious from his behavior he was loved, but if not reclaimed, I just know he will make someone a great loyal companion!