52475 – Rosie

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2 years
Female – spayed!
70 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/30
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Why choose me?

Update 10/1: Everyday Rosie shows me something new. I’ve learned that she can sit and lie down on command, and today she brought me a ball to play fetch. She was so happy having a friend to play with and beamed with pride when I praised her. I love being with Rosie. She’s a big girl with an even bigger store of love and fun! She’s amazing!

When I first met Rosie in the lobby of Animal Control, she was frightened and tried to hide behind the person that found her. He’d had Rosie for two weeks because at that time the dog side of the pound couldn’t take in new dogs. He was kind enough to let Rosie stay with him, so as a result, we know that she’s good with young children (there was a four-year-old in the home), and she’s house trained. I enjoyed watching Rosie bloom today. An officer who’s been spending time with her introduced us, and it wasn’t long before Rosie was sitting for treats and enjoying scratches along her back. She was forgetting about her worries and having fun. Rosie is a sweet dog, and once she feels comfortable, she’ll lean against you enjoying pets and love!