52424, 52425, & 52426 – Bee, Kelly & Michelle

Born Approx 6/15/19
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/17/19

Why choose me?

Update 10/4: Bee is adopted and will go home next week once she is spayed! Kelly & Michelle are as playful as ever. They can’t wait to get out of their kennel. Check out their new action photos from play time in the Interaction Room. You can tell them apart, as Michelle has a small white patch on her chest, while Kelly is solid black. Both girls are sleek little house panthers, who can’t wait to be adopted!

Cute kitten trio alert! These sweet little sisters are happy, playful, and oh-so-silly.  Bee is the brown tabby. She’s very curious, and her facial expressions are so funny – when she see’s something new, she looks “bewildered”. Kelly is the solid black kitten, while her sister Michelle is black with a cute white patch on her chest.  Kelly loves to swat at toys and will jump on/over her sisters to get to a toy first. Michelle is a sneaker… she strategically stalks her “prey”, and somehow seems to catch the mouse first!  Active kittens like these enjoy the company of other kittens/cats, so we hope you’ll adopt more than one, or already have another playful friend at your home — so they will always have a playmate at hand!