52421 – Ivy

2 years
45 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 9/18
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Why choose me? Ivy’s Doggie Sleepover 10/4: So for the past three nights I’ve had the pleasure of taking Ivy home with me. She was very nervous the first night but after maybe 5 minutes of forced cuddles she realized that I wasn’t a murderer. She was nervous being inside but adjusted very well quickly. She’s house broken, and hasn’t torn anything up through the night (I’m a sucker and she slept on the bed). We tried to put her in the crate and she did get a little nervous and try to get out, but never barked or anything . She’s just a sweet girl who needs someone to love her! Ivy is a beautiful but scared girl. When she arrived at the pound with Beyonce, she was so covered in fleas that she immediately had to have a bath. An officer carried her to the interaction pen where Beyonce and I were sitting. She was frightened and visibly shaking. I know it was comforting for Ivy to be with Beyonce, and soon she let me approach and pet her. With time, she untucked her tail, stopped shaking, and would come to me. She’s a very sweet dog who hasn’t had a good life. Fortunately, her coat is soft and full even after having to live in such poor conditions. Now, she just needs to be with people who will care for her and let her know that she is safe and loved. When she was so frightened, Ivy showed that she might know how to climb a fence. She would obey me and get down, but it could be that she needs to be an indoor dog and be supervised when she’s in a yard.