52420 – Beyonce

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Medical Case – Heartworms 🙁

8 years
39 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 9/18
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Why choose me?

Seeing Beyonce broke my heart. She’s covered in tumors and missing a lot of fur. She and Ivy were so covered in fleas that they had to have baths right after their impounds. How can this happen? Her owner must have cared for her at one time and gave her the name of a beautiful singer. Beyonce hasn’t had a good life, and she may not be a beauty right now, but she’s certainly beautiful inside. She is a sweet, gentle girl who’d come to me every time I reached for her and loved being petted and loved on. She didn’t want treats; she just wanted to be with me and feel loved. She was good with Ivy as well and tried to help her feel safe. I’m glad Beyonce’s past life is behind her, and I hope that her future brings the love and care that she hasn’t known.

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