52415 – Pete

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1 year
42 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/17
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Why choose me?

Update 9/29: Someone seriously adopt this boy. Imagine this: You wake up to let him out, and he greets you with a tail wag and a huge smile. You take him on a walk and he’s being extremely obedient because he’s a quick learner. and a people pleaser. You give him a bath and he sits quietly and patiently. He curls up next to you and doesn’t leave your side for the rest of the day.
^This could be you, but you haven’t adopted Pete yet.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at most of his pictures, but Pete is frightened to be at the pound. When I stopped at his gate, he was curled up in the back of his kennel and didn’t want to come out. The officer who brought Pete in, said he’s really just a big baby. She stepped into his run, and the next thing I knew, he was prancing on the leash with his friend. All he wanted was to be loved and hugged by her. He was so happy he beamed! Pete warmed up to me and enjoyed pets and treats. He’s a sweet boy who shows how affectionate he can be once he feels safe.